Monday, November 28, 2011

 Yeah My X8 Running GINGERDXv020 by Doixanh | ALFSv05 by Alfsamsung | Some Tweaks =D
We all know that X8 can be catorized as LOW ANDROID DEVICES only 600Mhz =( (BOOHHH) =P But I proud to have X8 because there are a lot of PRO DEVELOPERS (THANKS DEVS) =D out there do so much effort to make we appreciate more of this OUR TINY ANDROID DEVICES =D (although I know there are others tiny android devices)
 So you can test it by Play HD Games at your X8!!
Then determine your devices for yourself OK =D


Extreme Formula is about the future racing competitions in 2100. There are four kinds of cars fueled by the energy sources Super Gasoline, Energy Water, Safe Atomic, and Metal Heart.These fuel sources would be nice to stop planet Earth from becoming a shriveled, dry husk. It’s the futuristic racing game with shiny graphics y’all been waiting for on iPhone & iPad even iPod touch! Customize your futuristic ride and race your way to the checkered flag in Extreme Formula.
*Customize your futuristic ride and race your way to the checkered flag in Extreme Formula (At
*Challenging on the fastest racing and wonderfully visual game, Extreme Formula is a mobile adaptation of an online game which is about the futuristic race competition. It's the futuristic racing game y'all been waiting for on Android!
 **Game Feature**
-Various game modes: Pro-Race, Career, Quick Race
-18 Achievements, 15 career stage
-65 tuning items, 10 tracks, and 5 vehicles.
-Tech Tree system to make a better vehicle with updating many skills

password : thanks
How to Install :
1. Install APK file.
2. Play and Enjoy. =)

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