Saturday, December 17, 2011

New update from me. Helo I want to share with you some EMOTION!! =D
How to change the icon emotion kt sms. [Test ROM GingerXperiaRay]

Steps : [Please make a backup of your ROM] =D
I will not be responsible if your phone 'BRICK'. 

1.Download emotion Mms.apk : 
*kepala itam Black Cute Emotion
*arnab sempoi Cute Crazy Rabbit
* kepala hijau/tembikai Green Cute Emotion

2. Copy emotion to sd card.
3. By using root explorer, go to / system / app  then 'Move' file stock "Mms.apk" to sd card.
4. 'Move' downloaded Mms emotion to  / system / app
5. 'Rename' file to "Mms.apk"
6. Set 'Permission' to rw-r--r--
7. Reboot. Enjoy.
8. Thanks.

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